Algonquin / Lamar WV (1915-1953)

Lamar is located in both Mercer and Wyoming Counties (on the county line) in West Virginia, four miles northwest of Matoaka. Also known as Algonquin, this unincorporated coal town was most likely named after the Lamar family. (,_West_Virginia)

Located on Flat Top Mountain, it was established as Algonquin by the Algonquin Coal Company in 1914 and the mines operated from 1915-1929. The mine operated two mines of Pocahontas No. 3 coal seam and shipped using both the N&W and Virginian Railways. The mine employed 100 workers in 1918. The town had a company store, a post office, a doctor's office, a barber shop, a bowling alley, a club house, a movie house and a school. Coal was sold through the Smokeless Coal Company. (

In 1930, Lamar Colliery Company took over operation of the mine and the name was changed to Lamar. They operated the mine from 1930-1953. ( Today, Lamar is a ghost town, only the foundations of the houses remain. (…)